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Divine Connection
~ The Incorporated Medium~
Mary-Elizabeth & WE

Available Services


Show Your Support: if so inspired, lend your support to Mary Elizabeth as she works to expand her reach in sharing the message WE SpeaksTransforming The World One Connection at a time!

30 Min Touch Base Session

A 1-on-1 30 MIN Session where WE Speaks thru M.E to Touch Base on one or two areas you have questions to. 


Shared Connection
Session for 2

A 75 Min Shared Connection Session for 2! WE Brings Answers and Connection thru MaryElizabeth. Bringing the message you most need. 


Energetic Photo Read
with M.E

Remote session: photos contain energy signatures of those in view (people, animals) far beyond what you can see.  M.E brings the hidden thru confirmation & surprises too!


45 Min Target Session

A Focused 1-on-1 Session where WE Speaks & Connects thru M.E to Target the areas you most need to unlock the doors of your endless possibility.  


Private Group Journey: MaryElizabeth & WE

Host A 2hr, 8+ Group Session where M.E & WE take you on a journey of endless possibility. Connection & Answers you seek all from Divine Energy

 $55 Per Person( Pre-sale)

Energetic Alignment
with M.E

30 Min session: Ideal if you're looking to re-adjust & align within your energy field. Perfect if you are stressed, facing a medical issue or starting something new!


60 Min Deep-Dive Session

A 1-On-1 Deep Dive session where WE Speaks thru M.E to answer, connect and give direction so you can explore your endless possibilities. 


Connection Workshops, Courses & Events

A series of Virtual Workshops, Courses & Events where M.E & WE Speaks.  A Conversation to bring thru the messages needed to open the doors to YOUR Purpose, Calling & Destiny!


Energetic Space Clearing & Reset with M.E

 On-Site Energy Clearing & Reset Session with M.E, designed for those wanting to clear all negative and shadow signatures from their Home or Business.


Starting @$450


Host A Private Group Session


Host A Private LIVE Journey Of Connection Group Event

Schedule a Private LIVE Journey of Connection with the Incorporated Medium, MaryElizabeth & WE, Divine Energy.  You Host 8 or more of your friends, family & co-workers to Join the Conversation as M.E & WE take you on a 2 hour Journey of endless possibility.

COST: $50 Per Person Pre--Sale

$60 @The Door      


1. Host Guarantees # of Participants: Minimum 8

                                                                    Maximum 25

2.  Location: Your Home, Your Business or alternative Venue**

3.  Deposit: $100 * holds the date.


*Travel Fees May Apply

* Alternative Venue fees are Host's responsibility.

Deposit Non-refundable.  Will be applied to cost of Host ticket.  In case of Cancelation will be applied to future service or event within 6 months from date of event. 

NOTE:  For Private Group Session payment will only be available through Venmo, Zelle or PayPal. 


Contact us directly when....

  1. You need an appointment at a different time. 

  2. You want to schedule an in person session*

  3. You would like to schedule a "Conversation with MaryElizabeth &WE, Divine Energy M.E" as a Guest Speaker @ your live event.

  4. You want to host a Live Group Session. *

*Travel Fees may be added.

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