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"You are truly exceptional and a gift to humanity."

I "You are doing something beautiful here. Very Inspiring. My heart fills with joy! You are truly exceptional and a gift to Humanity!"

Wanda H. : California, U.S.

"..You have opened my eyes and heart to all the possibilities."

I I just want to thank you for opening my eyes to my angels.  I am feeling them near me now.  Their lovely smell is soothing me.  You have opened my eyes and heart to all the possibilities. There is so much love to give and spread to others because Jesus has filled me up. God bless you!

Katie O. : Ohio U.S.

"..You never disappoint, I appreciate you and your gift so much, thank you for sharing it."

Had a great day today, long and emotional. But glad I got to share with my sister... Its always nice to be able to connect with our loved ones that have passed. My grandpa came thru, told me he's got my brother and my brother came through again, I was told I have a heart like God, was courageous, brave, strength and I live tremendously.  So much was said....Thank you Mary-Elizabeth for another amazing meeting.

Misty Dawn B. : California, U.S.

"...Her insight is quite healing."



Most of the information resonated with me during my session with M.E. She validated and confirmed so much about my life and path and anything that was news to me felt like I hadn’t seen it from her perspective before. Her guidance was invaluable. Looking forward to future sessions with Mary Elizabeth. Her insight is quite healing.

Melissa B. : Lancaster, CA U.S.

"...I have peace in my life."

In October 2019, I met M.E & WE shortly after the death of my longtime boyfriend.  I was brutally broken-hearted when I sat in front of M.E and WE for the very first time.  Over the years, she has helped me work through all the pain, my spiritual growth and I have peace in my life.  I trust her & frequently reach out to her for guidance.  M.E & WE are spot on & I am blessed that I was able to find her.

 Sandra S. : Katy, TX U.S.

"...M.E & WE, all spot on with their projections."

I have had numerous encounters with M.E & WE, all spot on with their projections.  As well hearing what I need to do to change my perspective, outlook and energy around challenging situations.

 Jan B: Beaver, OR U.S.

"...I got so much insight."

I was at the event today and it was so nice speaking with you and I got so much insight. This was the very first time I ever had a reading. I really appreciate you.

It was my honor to meet you.

  Lilah: Lancaster, CA U.S.

"Her knowledge & ability to read energy was truly impressive."

My "conversation" with MaryElizabeth (M.E) was extremely insightful. Her knowledge and ability to read energy was truly impressive.

Each time I listened to the recording there was something new to be picked up on, which was very beneficial and yet I had missed it previously.

It was such an honour to have M.E enlighten me in this untapped world from which we can learn so much.  Thank you for being the vehicle in which we can access it... 


Lorna: Belfast, Ireland, U.K

"I think she is truly gifted and the messages were heartfelt."

"I loved hearing the channeled messages to motivate me to write music. I've been away for a while, but my piano is calling, and thanks to God Speaks, I am thinking about returning to music, my first love.  I think she's truly gifted and the messages were heartfelt.  "

Tonia C. : Lancaster, CA, U.S

"I know how incredible your gifts are..."

"Congratulations on completing your new website!!!  Very impressive offering loads of helpful info and healing sessions.

I know how incredible your gifts are and your connections to angels and divine energy because you have helped me through many hard time."

Julie B. : Santa Barbara, CA, U.S

"I hope you get to meet Mary Elizabeth, it will be a profound experience for you too..."

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Elizabeth on her media productions and have witnessed amazing connections with people she met for the first time.  Whether it was her ability to just talk to a store cashier or someone on the street, she always seemed to know when they needed a word of kindness, perhaps some advise.  Importantly, she let them know they are not alone during their struggle which she sensed, they are loved, and to inspire them to fulfill their destiny. 


There are just too many times, I have witnessed the advice she gave others including me, would come true. M.E would say, I am not a Psychic, but her gifts allowed me to feel and understand the universal energy in all of us and to have had quite a few conversations with God during our brief time together of which I will cherish for the rest of my life.  That perspective she gave to me to see things in such a honest and loving way, inspired me to want to help her with a project, we called Higher Connection, which Mary produced 55 episodes.  I am proud of her courage on such a difficult journey of hers, of being a messenger for God, and to walk in faith, and to inspire all those she touches whether in person, through live broadcast, or just to be reminded they truly are not alone. 


I hope you get to meet Mary Elizabeth, it will be a profound experience for you too.  

Ronnie: Katy, Texas, U.S

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