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God Speaks: All In PERFECT time...

What is time?

Honestly, as you see it to be, it's a reference point used as a measure that you each apply to many things. Yet, no matter what the measure be, there has come to be an overwhelming belief that, "I don't have enough time", "time is short", "I am running out of time", "there are not enough hours in the day...", etc., etc.. All bemoaning an anticipated shortfall happening for you. #WE promise you, as it applies to the passage of time, none of this is true. All that comes to be, happens exactly as it is meant to be.

Time, from your perspective, is a measurement to monitor the cyclic passing of the revolving nature of all things. Initially the measurement was from sun-up to sun-down, then as a means to try and control and maximize the passage in between. Thats how hours, minutes and seconds came to be. All came about as a means to gauge and control the outcome of things (basically, a misguided belief). Granted, all man-made timelines come and go but if something is truly meant to be, a liner timeline doesn't mean a thing. There truly is #DivineTiming to all things.

Granted, many of you schedule your lives around the concept of controlling the outcome of your day. Your "#todolists " are full of time measured activities: Morning alarm, Doctor's appointments, soccer games, class schedules, work hours, drive time, dinner time, bath time, meditation time, exercise class, meeting time, bedtime too (just to name a few). Basically, most of you schedule yourself so your days are really full! It's not abnormal to see each day measured down to the minute with all you try to do. The days carefully planned to insure all will be exactly as YOU believe. You are in control, that's easy to see... at least until you are not:

  • You sleep through your alarm clock, now you are running late.

  • The Doctor's office is over booked, and your appointment starts an hour later than planned, now you are going to be late for the next scheduled item on your list.

  • The teacher stops you to speak about your child today, once again making you late for the soccer game.

  • The soccer game goes into overtime now you are late for your TB with the boss/employee.

  • There is an accident on the freeway, stand still traffic as far as the eye can see...guess you are going to be late again.

You can see the pattern that comes through, repeatedly and not as randomly as one may believe.

Allowing yourself to accept the concept that all comes through #INTENTIONALLY, makes it easy to believe that there are no random events you see. That which comes to be, comes about #purposefully. The purpose of a delay may be obvious for you, yet more likely than not, the purpose may escape you. That is because the purpose may not have been "all about you" but instead impacted others too (remember the traffic jam?). Interestingly, so many times when you look at a situation, you forget that time is not just yours you see. In each and every moment of Time there is a constant process of Universal Balancing. Seeing that this balance must always be, there is a constant, ever morphing, restructuring to ensure the Universal Balance will always be. Nothing in life on Earth is done singularly. Each and every one of you has an energetic impact on all others too. Each Choice you make creates a point of polarity and thus creates a need for constant rebalancing energetically. Too much to explain here for you, yet WE promise you, it impacts the timing too. This rebalancing causes a shift energetically but will never stop something that is meant for you from coming through. All that is meant to be comes through in #Divinetime . Divine Time always aligns with Universal Balancing. The difference being, it may not show up in your preferred timeline . Yet #WE promise you, All that's meant to be, comes to be in #PerfectTime you see!

Now, that's not to say that the choices you make can't get in the way and shift the Divine Timing. They absolutely do. The reason is twofold you see. The first is due to the Universal Law of Attraction. The Universe has no choice but to respond equally to the energy you bring. Focusing energetically on "not having enough time" will ultimately result in the Universe making that true. After all, the Law of attraction dictates that for you. The longer you bemoan what is yet to be, the longer it may take to come through for you. There is a reason why WE say "allow yourself to receive"! The second impact on Divine Timing is the principle of Universal Balance and the effect of #FreeWillChoice in allowing the #UniversalCenterPoint to be.

Remember, its' your #Choice that effects the balance of all things. That Choice of which WE speak, is the only Choice that comes through your God Given Free Will (all the rest are decisions you make that come through intentionally). Your Free Will Choice quite simply boils down to which point of Polarity will you allow to lead: "Faith or Fear?" That choice determines whether or not there is a need for a rebalancing to be. If you choose to allow the energy of Faith to lead, you choose to come from a point of Truth, Kindness and Integrity. Faith is the Energy that pulls you to the "Universal CenterPoint of all things. Conversely, if you choose to allow Fear to lead, you have chosen to allow some form of manipulation to be (not speaking or acting from a point of Truth, Kindness or Integrity). In the #UniversalFlow, Fear is the energy that pulls you away from the #UniversalCenterPoint energetically, causing a need for a shift to rebalance things for #UniversalBalance to be. Rebalancing is constantly evolving energetic process(as it is affected by all of you) . Thus, your Choice will effect timing too, simply because you (as the individual) are not the only player in the Game of Humanity.

WE touch on this topic briefly here in response to Our M.E and her last piece. Our M.E , is very aware of the ten years she has struggled to receive all that WE have promised to bring. Her struggles you see, all come from the two-fold aspect mentioned previously, In part, she chooses to focus on the lack of or lack of what she sees, therefore the Universal Law of Attraction will respond and bring in the same energy too. Then, because she is not seeing it, she finds a reason that comes from a space of fear (#FalseEvidenceAppearingReal as to "why it will never be". Thus, Choosing fear energy to lead verses allowing herself to embrace "All In #Perfecttime ". She hasn't stopped that which is meant for she, but in some instances she has slowed the progress because she allowed Fear to lead.

In this moment WE would like to remind M.E (Mary Elizabeth) and you, to be mindful of the thoughts and words you use. Pay attention to the energy behind what you bring through and adjust accordingly to a more positive energy if need be. Its' easier than you believe!

In the moments where you hear yourself using the phrases that focus you in a negativity view ("I don't have enough time", "time is short", "I am running out of time", "there are not enough hours in the day...", etc., etc.) WE ask that you take a moment to shift your view. When a delay comes thru, or you feel the weight of a deadline looming around you stop the rhetoric that keeps you on the hamster wheel of time. Instead stop, take a breath (or two) and say these words 3x's through... "All comes to be in #PERFECTTIME for me!" and than ask the Universe to lead. Then say "thank you" (gratitude is an amazing thing" and shift your thoughts to something positive and new!

Remember, the Law of Attraction deems the Universe responds equally, WE ask you to Trust in #PERFECTTIME too!

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