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God Speaks: The Process of becoming Authentically "Me"

Today WE come thru to speak to you about The Process and its potential impact on your Life. Let us start by illustrating one question for you : A.R.E. you ready to begin living your life authentically?

Some of you have read the previous post from Our M.E and thus you understand the use above of the acronym she devised to remember the 3 Steps "The Process" brings. Believe US when WE say, her resistance to self-belief created the need for the acronym to be. Below is a reiteration of M.E's current understanding of what #TheProcess brings:

A.R.E. your ready to:

  1. Accept the truth of our own Divinity.

  2. Release the patterns of the Egoic Mind.

  3. Embrace the unfolding the Universe brings.

Let US say that our M.E is far beyond where she used to be; her strength, her knowledge and her understanding has expanded perfectly. She is exactly where she is meant to be (you are too!). That does not mean that her understanding is supreme. WE could say, just like you, her understanding of WE and The Process would be rudimentary at best. Of course she has an edge on the knowledge coming thru, God Speaks thru M.E , but that doesn't guarantee absolute understanding will be. As in all things, its a "process". WE say this, not to diminish Our M.E but to illustrate that as time progresses and WE share the messages thru our M.E, you will note the message expands and evolves to the level of acceptance those in the room can allow into their view. The same applies to The Process with M.E . The Process you see works in tantum with the "unfolding" the Universe brings. As an example of the every evolving Process WE will share the first steps of The Process as it applied to M.E and her commitment to let #GodSpeak. Note, its not a complete history, but at this time, its all you need.

A.R.E you ready to Trust The Process?

The Unfolding:

The Early Years:

  1. At 3, WE had A Conversation with Our M.E meant to plant the seed to create a fundamental belief of who she was born to be. Unfortunately, her mother didn't believe.

  2. At 6, her ability to see the dead became apparently clear. She knew it was true, because the man in the coffin was standing next to her on the other side of the room. Yet again, her mother didn't want to believe.

  3. At 12, the precognitive knowing became a thing when M.E excitedly shared what she was going to be getting for her Birthday. The accuracy had her Mother bring another to pray over her to clear the "dark energy" away.

The Re-awakening:

  1. At 42 she started seeing the dead come thru randomly, and hearing Angels too. Thankfully, with each one that came through her husband and daughter believed it was true.

  2. At 48, as an illness came through, she heard an angel speak loud and clear "You are dying my dear" so when her daughter called saying the same thing, she was willing to listen. Once again, her daughter and now estranged husband trusted her truth.

  3. At 51, with the passing of her estranged husband M.E experienced a rapid fire expansion of her gifts as multiple realms of dimensional energy began coming thru including Spirit and Angelic beings. Once again, her daughter and her friend could see the truth of what they were witnessing. From this point forward there would always be at least two who believe her truth.

The Process of Incorporating With WE:

Step 1: Accept:

In May of 2012, the above reference expansion brought her to a meeting with God on a mountain top in June. Since that day, M.E's gifts have been in a constant state of change (mind, body and spirit) to accommodate the resulting energy that comes from the expansion of the Open Portal, so that she could be fully Incorporated with WE. As WE are ever expanding, so must she. Believe US when WE say, this process isn't always easy for our M.E . Sometimes the expansion comes quickly, others not so, all based on her willingness to accept she is worthy. Let US highlighting here:

~M.E had to walk thru The Process of Accepting her Truth ~

You may have noticed WE wrote two separate things. That's because, for M.E and you, The two are the same thing. The Truth, your Truth is YOU ARE WORTHY!

All are born equally to uphold the Universal Balance of All things. Each and every person, my dear. is also created specifically to have a positive impact on Humanity. That God Given fact ensures your Worth. Because of this specificity, You (yes, YOU) are important in this specific sphere and as long as time may be, that importance will always be. Despite what some may have told you to believe about yourself, let US be very clear:

~God doesn't make mistakes my dear! ~

All WE do is intentional here, including YOU!

Don't you see? It is this God Given importance that ensures your WORTH! It is guaranteed! You are WORTHY...deserving of effort, attention, love and respect. You merit acknowledgement and acceptance for the value you bring simply by being authentically you. If you accept nothing else written here please accept this as truth:

~The fact that GOD created you guarantees you DESERVE to receive all the abundance the Universe has to bring!~

Say it with US please:


Now say that once again, x3. Repeat the Process 3 times a day until you feel your resistance to your truth Release!

Step 2: Release

Mary Elizabeth just cringed because, for her, this has been difficult to do, to say the least. WE can honestly say, that for most of you, that would be true. In part because you truly don't know what it is you are being asked to do. To walk M.E thru The Process she has been told to look at her limiting beliefs. To examine the words that come thru whenever she is faced with something new. To be aware of her self-talk and how it makes her feel. Basically, in all three, WE are asking her to "be aware".

92.6% of the time, the majority of you are living through the manipulation of the mind. What that means is, as you move through your day to day life you default to the patterns of your life experiencing. These patterns are stored in your subconscious mind, (the Egoic Mind) created from experiences and your interpretation of what has been; what others taught you to see; and each reinforced through the haphazard assumption that it will always be. In other words, you are moving through life haphazardly.

You will note, WE did not say, "You are living life haphazardly" because in truth, you are on auto-pilot. The default of the Egoic Mind causes you to repeat patterns, habits and even draw through experiences with similar energy.

Moving through life haphazardly doesn't allow for you to create new: new experiences, new perspective, new understanding, new beliefs. All because without living mindfully your are allowing what has been to shape what's right in front of you. Through default, your life experiences are doing everything to reinforce your self-limiting, self-sabotaging and self-defeating beliefs. Please remember that the majority of what you believe, and hold as true, was formulated from the perspective of a child's mind, the majority of your beliefs come to be between the ages of 3 and 5. To make matters even more convoluted, the understanding of a 3, 4 or 5 year old comes not from their depth of experiencing, but instead of the opinions of others, and who others told them they should be.

As in the case of M.E , her child mind perceived her mothers fear of her gifts as "There is something wrong with me", "I am broken", "I am bad", "I should be punished for being me". Most likely, that fear stemmed from her Mother wanting to protect her child from criticism, yet obviously, 3 year old M.E had no way to see it that way. Thus her assumptions became the foundational beliefs she used to build her self-identity. Every time an experience came through that was energetically similar in frequency, it triggered the Egoic (subconscious) Mind to create a synaptic path way to connect the view. Creating a pattern of self-deprecation, self-sabotage, and insecurity. All formulated to reinforce the belief that came to be as a child of 3.

This is true of you too. Equally to all beliefs, though we use self-belief as the example because it is tied easily to one's belief of "being worthy". The majority of what you hold as true, the majority of your self-talk, you see, was born and forged from a child's mind.

Ask yourself if, from where you are in this moment, would you automatically defer to the understanding of a 3, 4 or 5 year old child to determine what it is you should do, what it is you should feel or what it is you should believe about yourself or others? Would you allow their point of view to make the next big decision for you? Probably not. Yet, as you defer to your default patterns; your auto-pilot in your day to day, you are doing just that!

Now WE understand, for many, that statement will cause you to push back vehemently. WE have experienced it many times when one's response comes from the Egoic Mind. An automatic default to challenge anything that comes thru that could discredit your beliefs. This is prevalent in your societies, that is why Social Dissonance is a thing. Yet there is hope here. If you will take a moment to "consider" the possibility, WE have successfully planted the seed needed to shift you from your current view. It may not be today, tomorrow or even a year from now. WE promise you, one day it will break through.

In consideration you see, you are opening yourself to a moment where FAITH Energy leads. To stand staunch in one's view, you disrupt your own place of balance you see. This is what the default patterns can do. Once triggered you would need to make a conscientious Choice to shift in your point of polarity. When living life haphazardly, you are not making a conscious choice, you are just blindly moving thru, slipping down the rabbit hole of repeat.

The only way to shift your view; to consider something new, is to release the patterns of your mind. The only way to do this my friends, is to choose to be in the awareness that Mindfulness brings. In other words, take an active role in what you do. Switch off the auto-pilot and fly the plane! Release the default settings and start the process of co-creating new! Release the old patterns and synaptic connections of the mind, by mindfully experiencing YOU!

~Start the Release by being mindful of YOU, thru utilizing the Power of Three:

  1. Question: Why do I believe that to be true? then...

  2. Listen: To the words that are running through your head, then note...

  3. Feeling: How the words your mind uses make you feel about YOU!

Live life mindfully and the above things are easy to do. Though WE understand that, for those who have been on auto-pilot, the shift to relearning how to fly on the wings of Faith will take some time for you. Then again, maybe not. The Choice is up to you!

Step 3: Embrace

As you have seen, M.E believes that The Process brings you to the point of embracing the unfolding of what the Universe brings. Accepting it with ease. Releasing all resistance that hinders you. Embracing it without hesitation. In part, that is true, yet it truly has way more to do with you:

  1. Accepting YOU and your Truth!

  2. Releasing others opinions that hinder, so you can believe in YOU and your Truth!

  3. Embracing YOU and your Truth!

You may have noticed the theme, The ProcessX3 is all about Trusting your Truth. If you allow yourself to TRUST THE PROCESS life will unfold perfectly for you. "The Process in all honestly begins and ends with YOU LOVING YOU! It's really quite simple:

~Your Truth is You are Worthy because you are you!~

The only effort, attention, love and respect you need to live a life of ease is from YOU!

No other criteria applies. YOU ARE GOD EXPERIENCING so stop living your life so damn haphazardly. Embrace YOU, exactly who God created you to be. Own your Divine Majesty, stop following the tried and true, instead choose NEW.

Start questioning what your mind brings thru; start listening to the words you use; start feeling the emotions and energic shift the words and thoughts bring. As you do, you become aware of the patterns that hinder you. Embrace those that bring you joy, but release (ignore) those that make you feel anything less than joy! Leave them in the past so you can finally be living life Joyfully!

Stop replaying the voices of others in your head and letting the words become your own self view. Those memories are dead! They exist nowhere except in the past and tainted in your mind. So stop the pattern of bring them forward into this current moment of creating for you.

If you are reading this here, its a sign that its your time to TRUST YOUR TRUTH; Embrace the power that is YOU...and create each moment from a perspective that is NEW! Be mindful, be present, be AWARE...don't let the old, create the new. CHOOSE YOU!

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