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M.E Speaks... Trust The Process

Since this Journey of Faith began for me back in 2012 I have been told a thousand times to "Trust The Process". More times than I would like to admit, I questioned incessantly "What does that even mean???" The response I received, "Trust The Process M.E"... UGH!

As time moved through, my understanding still wasn't 100% but the words WE used shifted to include, "Stop trying to figure it out..." , "The answer you'll see when you are ready to receive", "Just let it unfold M.E..." ! Again, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?!

Let me just say, one thing I've learned about myself over the past 9 years and 9 months, "Trust" doesn't come easily for me. Though, now that I wrote that I realize that is not entirely true. I tend to trust others quite quickly, letting them in without a second thought of the validity that what they are telling me is true. This is because of the feeling that comes thru. Of course, doing what I do, that feeling is what guides me. I have a built in barometer, so to speak, for the different energy that comes through between truth and deception.

Let me explain a little here even if it is a little off topic. If someone is being true in the energy they bring through, it resonates within me. If they are putting forth a false front energetically, it creates a reverberation that causes me to shield away behind a wall of protective energy. As an open portal, this is a built in defense for me because I am naturally open to all energy without a "shut off switch" (despite what some believe should be). Others might notice when this is happening because I tend to shut down and say little to discourage any further connection to be. If I am in a room just being "me", and there are alternating energies, this defense will automatically come through, unless I am with another who can convert the energy too (A conversation for another day). As I committed to always allow the message thru, I was promised that I would be protected. So even though all energy is drawn through me, negative forces cannot override the protection that being Incorporated with WE brings. I guess it's part of #TheProcess for me.

Throughout this Journey, what I have finally come to realize is that my lack of Trust (lack of Faith) was really in ME. Not so much that I was untrue you see, but what I didn't trust, and obviously still struggle to, is my belief in being worthy of what is being asked of me. As I wrote those word what I just heard loud and clear is one of my favorite bible verses(I don't know many) which has helped me move through when self-doubt threatened to derail me:

~God doesn't call the qualified...God qualifies the called!~ :Corinthians 1:27-29

No surprise that it came through here. Even as I write the words you read, I find myself questioning my ability to effectively share my understanding of The Process still "unfolding" for me. Truth be told, until two weeks ago when I was inspired to redesign this website I still didn't understand what "The Process" meant. It wasn't until the words were written on the computer screen in front of me that I finally could see how The Process applied to me. The words may have been typed by me, yet they came as #GodSpeaks to finally answer the question for me "What does that even mean?".

The in all things, brings thru #ThePowerOf3. The Power Of 3 allows us to co-create our reality with ease. Yet so many times, if you are like me, you fight The Process

because it's not what you "believe". More specifically, its not what you believe "about me". #TrustTheProcess really is about self-belief, and more specifically:

  1. Accepting the truth of our own Divinity.

  2. Releasing the patterns of the Egoic Mind.

  3. Embracing the unfolding the Universe brings.

A.R.E. you ready to Trust The Process?

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