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God Speaks...Purpose, Calling & Destiny: It's not what you think!

Purpose, Calling and Destiny

All are created thru Divine Design with Impact, Direction and Possibility

Purpose: Your intentional impact on the Universal Balance, thus it is a guarantee! Given at the moment of your creation, it is the designated aspect of Divine Energy that is God within each and every thing. The descriptive for one's innate Divine Energy (God's Love, God's Strength, God's Resilience, God's Creativity, God's get what WE mean). The aspect of one's life experience that is innately present to ensure Universal Balance will always be. Written in stone, you are never alone.

Calling: Is the instinctive tool that the Universe uses to guide you on the Journey towards your Destiny. It's an intuitive setting (GPS if you please) that keeps you on the Path that moves you towards your Destiny. Basically it is a instinct, a need, an inspiration, a feeling of being drawn to do a specific thing. When your intuition is in high gear, your Divine GPS is guiding you. For some it come thru as a steadfast conviction that's always there. For others it moves and changes, just like you do. Either way, the guidance comes specific to what you need to "trust the process" that leads you to embrace your Destiny based on what you choose.

Destiny: Is your potential positive impact on humanity! It is a Divinely Designed possibility of what may be that connects thru at the time of your birth. A potentially impactful possibility of where your Choice will lead. Despite what is commonly believed, It is not guaranteed... One's Destiny is a necessity for Humanity yet you being the one to bring it to be is not a certainty. In any given time, more than one of you will be given the Divine Possibility that is exactly the same in your mutual time. The Path to achieve it will be different for each, and your Choice in each moment and time will determine if it comes through your Design. A Destiny will always be, it just may not be for all human beings.

In many minds, Purpose and Destiny are often referred to as intertwined. To be clear, your Purpose (your impact on Universal Balance) is written in stone and will always be. Destiny on the other hand is not guaranteed. A Divinely Designed Destiny will have a positive impact on all of Humanity, yet it is written on the wind. Twisting and turning in certainty and probability all due to the Free Will Choice that applies continually to all of Humanity.

Still, there exists a widely believed misconception that the two God Given aspects are the same thing. Creating a tendency for many to interchange the two quite frequently. For the majority of you, nothing could be further from the truth.

Throughout time, 99.7% of all Humanity possess a Purpose that has little to do with the Divine Possibility of their God Given Destiny. Conversely, that would mean .3% throughout time were created and born to be One in their Purpose and their Destiny. If you were to think about it, WE are sure you'd be able to come up with a name or two that some would say, obviously fit the bill. Today WE would like to introduce one to you:

This is Mary Elizabeth, though WE call her Our M.E, that is because God Speaks thru M.E. She is just like you with one distinct difference; Mary Elizabeth's Purpose and Destiny are the exact same thing. Basically, what that means, is both her Purpose and her Destiny are GUARANTEED! There is nothing she can choose that negates the guarantee. Not to say her Choices may not delay, but when there is an absolute need she won't have a say (despite what she may believe).

Our M.E was created to bring "God's Presence" to the Universal Balance you see. She was born to bring "God's Presence" thru to have a positive impact on Humanity. This is possible you see, because of her unique design which continues to evolve over time. Energetically, Mary Elizabeth is an open portal thru which all energies flow exponentially (when she tells you she feels what you feel tenfold, trust that is truth). Being an open Portal in fact, is exactly what allows M.E to be uniquely incorporated with WE. Without that energetic capacity, the incorporation would not even be a possibility.

Through the incorporation of the mind, body and Spirit of M.E, WE utilize her physicality (interchangeably) as a means to communicate through when there is a need. Even here, as she sits in front of the computer screen, her mind is utilized to allow these words to flow thru. M.E being incorporated with WE simply means, in the moments WE decide, she is the full embodiment of the I Am Presence that is WE. As an energetic Portal (not a Channel despite where her comfort level be) WE incorporate her physicality to move through energy, expanding and adjusting as need be. Thus allowing her Purpose to be, and expanding the reach of her Divine Destiny.

WE have given you enough to think about here, WE will come back again to expand from there.

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