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God Speaks: The Choice is yours...

Today WE are here to further clarify the moments you all choose to embrace or give away. The moment to moment choice of "Who will I be?" or better put "Which aspect of me will I let lead?". You see, in all things there is duality. The dual points of energy that create the polarity needed for Universal Balance to be. That is equally true in what you choose: Light or Dark; Love or Hate; Kindness or Envy: Positive or Negative; Compassion or Cruelty; Strength or Weakness; Truth or Lies. No matter which point it may be, they are all an equal illustration of one thing: Faith or Fear.

That my friends, is The Choice you make in all the moments of your life time. Which point of duality will you allow to Lead? You are each capable of bringing through either point of polarity from your energy field. All are equal aspect of you. There will be times when you choose Fear over Faith and times where you will be in sync with your Divinity allowing Faith to be. Faith brings you to Certainty which is your Center Point energetically. This Center Point ensures you are harmonious with the Universal Balance of all things. Fear (or as Our M.E would say "False Evidence Appearing Real") pulls you away from the Center Point energetically, causing you to be out of balance with the Universe you see.

Faith ------------------- Center Point --------------------Fear

Think of the energetic flow being from West to East, or, as the above illustration shows, it would be left to right. Energetically your points of polarity flow in the same direction. With this in mind, Faith pulls you to your Center Point and Fear pulls you away from the Universal Balance your Center Point brings. The more often you choose fear, the greater the likelihood that you will miss the moments where your Destiny would be a Certainty.

The Choice brings an interesting aspect into the flow of Life within you. Despite what some of you may believe, there is most definitely a Divine Plan in place. A Divine Design for all things that is every evolving and shifting too in response to what you each choose. Without it you see, the Universal Balance could not be guaranteed. The Truth of your Divine or the manipulation of the mind. Both exist in equal measure for the Universal Balance to be, it is a necessity. Yet the Choice of which energetic frequency leads, is as fluid as the wind... it's certainty is not guaranteed simply you see, because the choice is yours not ours. All other aspects create the masterpiece of experiencing that is You. The only unknown variable in Our experiencing life as you is, in each moment which will you choose to be the dominant energy which you allow yourself to be. Will you create your reality anew from the Divine energy that is you, or will continue to choose to allow the patterns to repeat and be manipulated by the mind. This is your momentary choice with the monumental impact on Humanity. The Choice of which M.E speaks is the only choice that determines the fruition of your God Given Destiny.

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