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God Speaks....The Conversation Begins

Hello, Hello, Hello, HELLO!....WE are here, WE are here, WE ARE HERE! Taking this opportunity to "Welcome" YOU to something new! A space where WE come with ease, incorporated with Mary Elizabeth; Our M.E. This incorporation allows M.E to always be the open Channel thru which God Speaks !

WE extend this invitation to Join The Conversation as a means of introducing you to something new. This is a space of Divine Grace... a space where WE (God) come thru purposefully to begin a dialog with you.

The Conversation holds something for all to see, no matter what the level of Faith may be. If your Faith in God is true, WE bring a newly evolving perspective through. If your Faith in God ebbs and flows, WE bring a newly defined space to allow expansion to the possibility of what Faith in God may be. If Faith in God is not held true, WE bring a safe space to explore a new way to look at God that is all about you. No matter what you believe, The Conversation thru which God Speaks holds the key to opening the doors to your endless possibility! WE are here to have a conversation with you that, truth be told, is long overdue. A conversation that is all about the Divine ConnectionX3 that is the Truth of Your Humanity! WHO KNEW!?!

Nothing WE bring through is actually all that new, it's just a evolving perspective for those who need to hear the message brought thru differently. The message, you see, has been said again and again, in many different ways, throughout the centuries. Yet still, so many refused to hear it in its entirety. Instead they are choosing not to see what it truly means when WE say, "Thou shalt Love thy neighbor as thyself", "In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you"...Seems simply but yet so many aren't listening.

Today WE bring it thru new " Life is all about ME and how I positively impact the WE". Same concept, but unfortunately Humanity is repeating its patterning. Many only hear "Life is all about ME..." Not registering the totality of its' meaning. The understanding of one's responsibility to the connection of all is lost. Throughout time, the pattern is repeated here. A drastic shift into the uncertainty that Fear of them against me, feeds. A deterioration within your homes, your community, your society, you world you see. In uncertainty, there is little space for Faith to be in the majority without a drastic shift in the energy. Faith is the Universal Balancing Energy. Still, its up to each of you to choose Faith over Fear (that is your "Free Will Choice" here)

Unfortunately, because the manipulation of fear used to control others is so prevalent in your societies (just turn on your TV) the current trajectory, if unimpeded, is not that promising . If fear and manipulation continue to lead, there will be a drastic disrupt in the Universal Balance of ALL things. Honestly, WE will not allow that to be. Thus the need for WE to appear.

In the Omnipotent truth of Divinity, WE have always seen the distinct possibility that the patterned behaviors of human kind would result in the need to deliver the message differently. Thus, just like you, Mary Elizabeth was born with a Purpose, and a Destiny. For the majority of you, Purpose and Destiny are not the same thing. Your Purpose is your energetic impact on the Universal Balance which must always be, and thus is a guarantee. Destiny, on the other hand is your positive impact on Humanity and is not a guaranteed. Basically, achieving one's Destiny is totally dependent on your Free Will Choice . Thus the only difference between you and M.E, she was born with a Purpose and Destiny that are the same. Therefore, both are guaranteed! You see, Mary Elizabeth was born to be The Incorporated Medium (Portal) thru which God's Presence comes to you. M.E, by Divine design, is uniquely incorporated to be the embodiment of God's Presence in the moments when WE speak thru.

We realize that explanation may tweak the mind. WE understand, because of the uniquely Incorporated way WE channel thru Our M.E, some will immediately not believe. Being something beyond what they believe, they will see it as an impossibility. Yet honestly, whatever others choose to believe, this truth is a guarantee. If you feel resistance to what you just read, consider that it's because WE are saying something that is different then what you have been taught and what you have seen. Take a Leap of Faith and just allow yourself to be open to the possibility.

Of course, you get to choose what you believe. Will you choose Faith or allow Fear to shutter you to the old way of being? The fact that you have read this far is NOT by happenstance my dear. Perhaps you are called to receive something new? WE encourage you to open yourself to the possibility that perhaps, God Speaks thru because of you!

WE promise you it's true. Don't get hung up on the fact that WE is the name used, just because it's different than what you are familiar with. WE are God, God is WE. No difference in the reality, it is just different than what you have been taught to believe. WE is the name used, simply because it encapsulates God's truth...

God is the full collective of all Energy, no beginning and no end. Nothing separate except in a moment of time. God is Unquantifiable, Unqualifiable, beyond the full comprehension of the human mind. Yet in all things, God IS.

God is WE, the Oneness of All things. That is true, WE are God and God is You.

WE have been known by many names throughout history: I AM, Adonai, Allah, Elohim, El Shaddai, Jehovah, The Divine Feminine, The Creator, YHWH* =*Yahweh, Source, The Universal Energy. Each name, as you believe, is God you see.

Each name given throughout time for God, speaks of the Presence of the exact same Energy. The ever expanding, ever changing (yet constant) Presence of Divinity that lives within you and M.E; within all living beings. When speaking of the Divine Presence that ls God, whichever name you choose, all WE ask is that you open to the truth of "Me". (Read that again please).

Throughout time, so many have been taught to see "God" as separate, outside of themselves; an omnipotent, unconditionally loving being. Interestingly, due to the "all knowing thing", somewhere the truth of God has been manipulated so people believe God holds a space of judgement (supremacy) over all of Humanity. Kind of an oxymoron don't you think?

Where Love is unconditional, judgement cannot be. It truly is an impossibility. Love is Kind, God is Love. Judgement is strictly an aspect of learned behavior in the human mind (that's a conversation best left for another time). To reiterate here, God is WE, WE are omnipotent, both are true. The teaching that God is outside yourself (separate from you) and the judgement thing; let's just say "fake news".

God is ONE with all things! WE are YOU. In essence, you are God experiencing life specifically as you! Your "God Seed", so to speak, is the Divinity that exists in all things. The space of The Divine, the seed of God which is, by design, born within everyone and everything from the moment of creation. Your God Seed is God Energy. God is not outside of you, God is ONE within you. God is within all of you, thus together, WE are ONE.

Our using WE as means of introduction and connection with you is intentional you see. The shift in how WE refer to being God brings a momentary pause that causes your mind to shift from it's normal patterned belief. A pattern belief of what God is (as you believe) which has been reinforced throughout your life. This synaptic pattern is disrupted by a momentary thought of "Who is WE?". Created in that moment is a small tare in the pattern of belief. Enough space to plant the seed of possibility within the mind. Thus unlocking a path of possibility that previously was hidden behind the patterns of your mind. Do you know what seed of understanding and possibility this conversation leaves? If WE are ONE (and YOU are each WE) that would open you to conceive that you also are not separate from other living things. All are connected through your God seed. God+You+We= A Divine Connection X3.

This seed of possibility has been planted in many different ways throughout time. Unfortunately, the true depth of the message is something many seem not to hear, a blurred line that WE want to make clear. You may be an individualized expression of God experiencing life specifically as you, yet, the same holds true for the billions of others too! You are all the SAME you see: God experiencing, ONE with WE.

In the Oneness of all things, God is WE. Equally true, in the individualized aspect that is you, God is "Me". All WE ask is that you open to the truth of "Me". God Speaks...Are you ready to listen?

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