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M.E Speaks: My To DO List...Join The Conversation

I am #MaryElizabeth, but you can call me M.E .

To be clear, I am writing here because it's just one of a thousand things on my "To Do List" for finally launching #GodSpeaks and allowing the conversation to come thru. OK...maybe a thousand things "To Do" is an exaggeration... a misnomer too. In truth, it's not "a thousand things To DO", its more like a thousand excuses why "I Can't Do". Normally I avoid To DO Lists, for just that reason, I have a tendency to use them as a means to prove why I'm not good enough.

When I am feeling overwhelmed, insecure, less than (you get the gist) a "To DO List" can derail me. Of course it's not the list derailing me, its the conditioned pattern of my mind berating me for the millionth time. Instead of feeling good about what I have accomplished on the list, I focus on what I've yet to do, then I start to doubt my ability to actually follow thru with what's on the list! Suddenly the #ToDOList turns into a list of reason why I "can't DO" (Who am I to think I can do this?)! When this happens I tend to shut down, pull inside to hide, then berate myself endlessly for failing myself, but more importantly for failing GOD.

I bet some of you are wondering "Why would she be worried about failing God?". Let me explain.

In 2012, after the loss of my estranged husband (predicated by the deaths of my Dad and Mom in the previous year), my life long Gift of seeing the dead exploded exponentially. Since that May I am fully aware that my abilities of Connection, Perception and Vision too are in constant flow, expanding as I go. Oops, sorry, getting ahead of myself.

The series of losses I experienced in 15 months time, brought through an explosion of the Gifts I had worked so hard to hide since I was 4 or 5. After my husbands passing, I began experiencing a rapid unfolding of amazing, sometimes freaky and miraculous things that, in all honesty, had me questioning my sanity! After a series of other dimensional realms of energy came through (more than just the dead) I found myself wondering if my mother's lifelong warning to me not to tell other people "what I could see, what I knew or what messages I was asked to bring because they would think I was crazy!" was actually true...maybe I was crazy!?! Thankfully a friend was there as a witness and a teacher too so I didn't commit myself as I was tempted too (hahaha).

With the swift expansion of my Gift I experienced a previously unprecedented access to the Spiritual, Angelic, Ethereal, & Universal Realms of Energy. Equally as awe-inspiring and unnerving (at least to me) l found I could feel the energy of others more intensely then I had ever seen. I also quickly came to understand that what was heightening within my Gifts were the 4 "Clairs" of Psychic Abilities:

  1. Claircognizance (Psychic Knowing)

  2. Clairvoyance (Psychic Seeing)

  3. Clairaudience (Psychic Hearing)

  4. Clairsentience: (Psychic Feeling)

What I didn't realize at the time was it was just the beginning!

Within a few weeks time, I was asked by the Angels, if I was willing to "Take a Journey of Faith to meet with God". Of course I said "Yes" (wouldn't you?), despite the fact that I was still questioning what this all said about my sanity.

I'll be honest, I was too afraid to venture on my own, so I begged my friend to come with me. On a beautiful Saturday morning in June, I got to her place for our 9am departure time. I waited whilst she got ready and as I did my phone rang. It was my daughter asking me if I was on the road yet to which my answer was "no". Her immediate response was " are late for a date with GOD!". Needless to say, I finally saw an urgency to leave. As I got behind the wheel the Angel Gabriel said, "Just drive and do as we instruct you!" So off we went, heading East to who knows where...remember it was a Journey of Faith. The Journey itself makes good story, but for now lets just say, after 2.5 hours of driving I ended up on a mountain in Wrightwood, California (normally a 45 minute drive) from where we began.

It was on that mountain, standing by a ravine, where I met God. The experience was energetic and I heard loud and clear a familiar voice of God speaking to me. The same voice I first heard when I was 3. I cannot tell you everything that was shared, simply because the memory is no longer clear. When #GodSpeaks it is in the moment you see, and the imprint only stays if it is intended to be. Otherwise the messages are given to "plant a seed" and eventually their memory and meaning break through. I was asked on that day if I was willing to "Walk in Faith; do as I was asked; and always let the message thru"... of course the answer was "YES" (after all, who could say "no" to God?!?)!

The Commitment I made on that day resulted in many things, some of which have been very difficult for me. Interestingly, as I write this here, I see very clearly that my struggles all revolved around 3 things and each is tied to my own self-belief of not being worthy: Financial Freedom, Judgement from Others, Fear of Losing ME.

Instead of bemoaning the struggles for you, let me just say they all are a result of manifesting from my own self view. Lack was seen because I had a deep seeded subconscious belief, that by finally committing to step into the fullness of who I was born to be, I was definitely not worthy of receiving good things. You see, I grew up believing my gifts where something to be ashamed of and from a child's perspective this was seen as "I am broken, I am not good enough". Consequently the shame became a belief that I should be ashamed of being me.

Well, GOOD NEWS! I am finally ready to step beyond that belief into something NEW! It has only taken me 9 years and 9 months to finally come to this space where I can say to all who read, I am #MaryElizabeth #TheIncorporatedMedium thru which #GodSpeaks!

Inviting you to #JointheConversation with God & M.E .

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