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M.E Speaks: Purpose, Calling & Destiny....Who Knew?!?!

We are each born with the Gift of Impact, Direction and Possibility; The Gift of our Divinity. Divinely Designed intentionally, as in all things, thru The Power Of 3.

Purpose, Calling and Destiny:

We are each Divinely Designed with a Purpose, Calling and Destiny. I am told that Purpose is our inevitable impact on the Universal Balance of all things thus will always be. Our Calling is the intuitive "road signs" (or GPS for those more tech savvy than me) throughout our Journey, providing direction to the Choice we need to make in each moment that lead us towards our Destiny. Our Destiny is a Divinely Designed possibility of our significant positive impact on Humanity(did that just blow your mind?). It is intentionally given yet its' certainty is not guaranteed due to the fact that it's probability is based on the Choices you and I make as to "Who will I be?" consistently. With Divine Possibility being a thing, the Universe always has a Plan B. A possibility that is a necessity to the positive evolution of Humanity will come to be in ways beyond the choice of just one human being.

The only one that determines whether or not you achieve your Destiny is you! With each moment in time you Choose which will lead Faith or Fear; Truth or Lies. Will you live through the kindness and Integrity of your Divine or allow the subtle manipulation of the mind when you allow F.E.A.R to lead? Whichever you choose (it's a Choice we each make continuously throughout our day to day) you either move closer to or further away from your Divine Possibility.

The Choice is a Gift (or curse, you choose) that comes thru the power of our Free Will, The Choice God gave to all of Human Beings. It is more important than you believe. How one uses that Choice is the determining factor as to whether or not your Divine Destiny will be achieved. The choice comes down to one thing: in this moment in time, which will I allow to lead in being me: Faith or Fear, in other words, "Who Will I be?". The Choice is a constant presence in our time and has the power to ensure our destiny will come to be, or push it just beyond our certainty to achieve.

Who Knew that "The Choice" really is up to YOU?

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