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M.E. Speaks... The Choice: It's more & less than you might believe!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

You Choose

I often say that I made "The Choice" on a mountain top in 2012 when I heard God Speak. I committed to live a life of Faith, let the Universe lead and always allow the message thru. It was easy to do because, in that moment, I had no doubt; no worry; no fear. Only the certainty that Faith brings; God is here. It is true, that because of the choice I made in that specific moment and time, my life has never been the same. In choosing Faith in that moment I opened myself up to many miraculous things, none more so then the ever expanding understanding of what "the choice" means. If you are anything like me, it's not exactly what you think.

We have all been taught in some measure that it is our Free Will Choice that determines our life's circumstance. That is true, but if you are anything like me, your understanding of what Free Will Choice is is has been slightly askew. Who knew that I really had no idea what "free will" really means. Let me explain to the best of my understanding, which in all honesty is rudimentary at best.

All my life I heard phrases like: it's your decision/choice; the decision/choice is yours; you have to live with the consequences of your decisions/choices. We have all heard these phrases said in both ways : your decision, your choice. Actually, we often uses the two words to describe the same thing. Though similar, they are not the same thing.

  • Decision: A conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.

  • Choice: Selection...The freedom of choice option implies a power to choose that is specifically granted or guaranteed.

Consequently, we have intermingled the acts of deciding and choosing to our understanding of the concept of our Free Will Choice. Basically, we were wrong! They do not both apply. Free Will Choice is the power God granted to all human beings. It is a choice, whether conscious or subconscious, that we all make each moment of our day. It is our Free Will Choice you see that is the determining factor as to whether or not we will achieve our God Given Destiny. You may recall it is not a guarantee.

Throughout our day we make multiple decisions in all we do; what outfit we will wear, how we wear our hair, what to eat, how long to sleep, what time to go, which route to take, to work or not, to turn left or turn right, who to date, to go or stay, this or that, her or him, now or later, status quo or something new, stand or move, the familiar or different... the list of decisions are endless you see, we all make them repeatedly. Decisions are made after a point of consideration. Decisions are made based on "What will I do". Interestingly, when things we do don't turn out as we think they should be we immediately go into our review of which decision "took away" the better outcome and then we blame ourselves: "If I had only decided not to take this job and stayed where I was life would be so much easier for me." Some of us are constantly going back in review to see what we "should have done differently" to have garnered an alternative result. REALLY? Of that fact you have no clue! So stop assuming you know and leave the Woulda, Coulda or Shoulda out of your mind! Trust me it is a waste of energy. We cannot change the past and, honestly, we aren't meant to!

Now I am not judging here, I've replayed the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" game many times. Believing "if only I had decided differently, life would be so much easier for me". First of all, is that even true? How can you truly know that if you had decided differently life would have turned out "better" for you? Trust me when I say, the decision and the outcome turned out exactly as it was intended to be. The Universe really does have our back...we just need to get out of our own way!

We are each born specifically me, the vessel through which God is experiencing. I have come to realize that our decisions are what they are meant to be (thought sometimes I still re-play the pattern of the self-blame game). All comes to be to lead us to a specific place and time, to change the trajectory, to insure the experiences God created us to see.

My Journey of Faith has shown me that, despite my life time belief (that my religion taught me) that God is somewhere outside of me, God really is within me. OK, I'm playing it safe, holding back the truth. God is within because God is me. Just as God is YOU! God is actually experiencing life uniquely through the individual perspective and decisions of you (and me) just as we were uniquely created to be. All decisions pre-designed for a specific experience to be. The only variable in our experience that God granted for all human beings is the Free Will Choice. It is your one Choice that can alter your life's destiny. The one Choice that can alter God's intentional experiencing. You may ask "Why would God grant a variable that could alter the plan?" My answer: too expand the experience of each design (you and me). Of course, I'm just ME, I really have no idea as to why God brought through this nuance of experiencing. I just know Free Will Choice really is a "thing" that can alter our Destiny.

Your Free Will Choice simply is "WHO WILL I BE?" in this moment. It has nothing to do "what will I do?". It is simply the Choice of Who will I be in this moment of time. That is The Choice...that is the only Choice that Free Will guarantees. It is The Choice, made each and every moment of the day that determines the fate of your Destiny.

That seems simple enough right? Yet I've come to see, its not as easy as one might believe. The choice of "Who Will I be?" is one we make throughout the day yet, for most ,The Choice is made haphazardly. There isn't a conscious choice being made. For many, The Choice is made through the habitual habits of the subconscious mind. It is a pattern of behavior one repeats millions of time. As, if you read my previous blog, was happening with me. The repeating of the pattern of a life time without really being conscious that I was choosing a life on auto-pilot instead of allowing myself to soar as only cognitive choice can bring.

If we only realized how often we are not even aware that we miss the opportunity to solidify our destiny, going forward we might live life differently. So exactly what is The Choice? To the best of my understanding at this moment and time, The Choice is simply:

  • Will I live through the truth and integrity that is my Divine?

  • Will I live through the manipulation of the mind that is the Ego me?

If I had written that earlier today I would have said that differently:

  • Will I choose to always come from a place of kindness and integrity?

  • Will I choose to live from the manipulation of the mind?

Same thing, yet there is a distinction there that I have just recently become aware. Both of these are a choice of "Who will I be?"... the distinction of which I speak is simply this; energetically, Who Will I be, Faith or Fear?

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